prince hours song: promise by se7en

i was thinking about you girl Jinagan sarang sogeseo heme-il ttae
apattteon gi-eoge himdeureosseul ttae
jiruhan shiganman ittteon nae salmeul
teukppyeolhage haejun neo
   naman barabodeon neo-ege
hangsang gyeote ittteon neo-ege
hanbeondo nae ma-eum
seolle-eo bon jeogeun eomneunde
naman jikyeobodeon neo-ege
hangsang useojudeon neo-ege
naega eoneusae ikssukhaejyeonnabwa
 Mae-il honja geottteon i georireul ijeneun
ni soneul japkko georeogago ship o Bebe
geurimjaboda deo gakka-i
nal jikyeojudeon ni mameul
ijeya algesseo
jogeum neujeosseodo oh baby girl
  nal beorin geunyeo-ui heunjeogeul ji-ugo
nae nunmuldo ije geuman meomchugo
nae dwi-e sumeo honja uldeon
neol wihae
ijeneun nae sarangeul boyeojulge
 naman barabodeon…

mae-il honja…
neoman barabolkke oh baby girl
 ijekkeot ni sarangeul mollabwaseo
neomu gidarige haenneunde
neomu apahage haenneunde
dashineun ni nunmul eopsseulgeoya
ijen nae pumeseo
yeongweonhi neoreul anajulgeoya
 naega nuneul gamneun geu nalkkaji
yeongweonhi neowa na
duri hamkke itkko shipeo Bebe
geurimjaboda deo gakka-i
neol jikyeo jul su itttorok
ne gyeote dagaga
neoman saranghalge oh baby girl
 ijen neo hanaman saranghalge  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I  was thinking about you girl when i was confused about a love
when i went through hard times with my memories
when my life was filled with boring days
you always made them special
  you’re the one who only turns to me;
you’re the one who’s always next to me
but i’ve never been able to tell you how i feel
i’ve never felt nervous around you;
but after watching over you and laughing with you

   i think i’ve grown attached to youi’ve always walked each day alone
but now
i want to walk while holding you hand baby
as you watch over me closer than my shadwo
i’ve realized what you felt for me
and it might be a little late oh baby girl
 but i’ll leave traces of her behind
and keep my eyes on the girl
who cried away from my sight
it’s all for you
now i’m going to give my love to you
 you’re the only… I’ve always walked…i’ll only turn to you oh baby girl i’m sorry that i didn’t accept your love sooner
you’ve waited for so long;
you’ve been hurt for so long
you won’t have tears in your eyes anymore

   i’ll hold you in my arms forever
until the day i close my eyes
it’ll be you and me for eternity
i want us to be together baby
closer than our shadows are
i’ll stay by your side to watch over you
i’ll only love you oh baby girl

now i will love only you

this is such a sweet song, with a sweet melody. loved the montage on episode 17.


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  1. omg!!i love the songs in prince hours!!!!!itz so good!!o and se7en ish sooooo fine in the movie!!hehe!!I LOVE SE7EN!!

  2. i love the storyyyyyyyy!!!!! relly luv it.. 🙂 o abt the song… I LOVE IT TOOOOOOO!!! keep it up!! yeah~~~!!! haha… love everything

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