prince hours

it’s HolNormal_goong3_1yweek and i choose to indulge myself in watching goong s…the princess hours spinoff.  (actually, there are many titles…prince hours, prince who, prince hoo, palace s. — s could mean sequel or spinoff. personally, i think the most apt is prince who, because of the story, and because it is “homonymous” with hoo. )

princess hours was such a treat that i doubted prince hours was a bad piece. i’ve read in some site that ratings was not very good.

like its predecessor princess hours, this is an entirely different story that supposes monarchy still exists in modern korea. lee hoo (se7en) works a jajangmian delivery boy for goong (the restaurant) in chinatown, incheon. he has a “prince” syndrome, the irony being he is a real one. the queen, who is single, needs to look for an heir.  hoo’s mother left the palace under unusual circumstances. his father doesn’t even know he existed. he falls for yang soon ae, a palace attendant and his former classmate, and so does lee joon, his rival to the crown prince position.  shin sae ryung completes the love quadrangle as the prime minister to be’s daughter whose ambition is to become the queen, whether it be through joon or hoo. she subsequently falls in love with hoo though.

frankly speaking, i liked it. i hypothesize that the reason why it didn’t take off as much as princess hours is because the premise and plot is rather similar to the first one. as it targets the youth more and with the advancement of technology, it has been said that prince hours is the most watched series online compared to its contemporaries. so goodbye to ratings then.

there are of course, good and bad points to compare. whilst princess hours focuses more on the love aspect more than the battle for the crown prince position, while prince hours is the reverse. prince hours has a lengthy exposition of the competitions to attain being a crown prince. and you’ll find the middle part quite boring if you’re anticipating kilig moments. on the other hand, the kilig scenes are more kilig here because hoo is a more passionate and showy kind of prince, as opposed to shin who is very restrained in showing his feelings.

the princess hours ost is more heartfelt even at first hear. whilst the prince hours ost kind of just grows on you over time.

contrary to what has been written, se7en (lee hoo)does act well for a first timer. in fact, i feel  the prince hours ensemble is far stronger than princess hours.  compared to kim jung hoon (lee hyul), he definitely is way better. compared to ju ji hoon (lee shin), it’s hard to assess because they have different characters. se7en can act pacute, while i don’t know if ju ji hoon can do so because his character is not showy.

00004_4heo ji hye (young soon ae) doesn’t act very well. but she has chemistry with se7en. oooh i just love se7en and hoo and i really can’t dileanate who i like better, the real person or the character. the scenes where hoo is jealous of joon and also his sweet moments with young soon ae are really so nakakakilig.  i feel like a 16-year old again…blushing! how nice it is to be…and/or feel young!

if you’ve got time, watch both. i’ll guarantee you’ll like at least one or better yet…both.

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  1. everyday i look at vedeo goong

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