how YOON EUN HYE & JOO JI HOON looked…then


i am such a fan of goong that i really wasted time looking for their photos. i was shocked to see yoon eun hye (shin chae gyung a.k.a. janelle) didn’t look quite what she is today. 


yoon eun hye used to be part of a singing group baby v.o.x. before she entered acting. she auditioned for the part of “ashley” but she eventually bagged the lead role in goong.


after goong, she went on to star in the kbs drama vineyard man and is now currently seen in the mbc drama coffee prince.


joo ji hoon (lee shin a.k.a. gian) on the other hand used to be a model. joo ji hoon is definitely hot! then and now. goong is his first drama as well. his second drama, the devil a.k.a. lucifer a.k.a. mawang just finished airing in korea.

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  1. i like ji hoon very much
    i love u ji hoon

  2. i like u very much ji hoon…
    also eun hye

  3. i love goong and jo ji hoon and u eun hey

  4. i really like the story of goong a.k.a princess hours….

  5. they didn’t look like what they are now.they look like a simple peole.

    • umm… they are simple people -_-

  6. i really [2x] love the love team of joo ji hoon and yoon eun hye,i hope that both of them will love each other as soon as possible………were hoping that we will see them in personal

  7. very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

  8. ji hoon and eun hye look good together!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. LOLZ. i love CG and SHIN in goong princess hours, they look very suitable with each other, i wish there was a sequel…not really interested in GOONG S so much..

  10. >.< feeling depressed coz ji hoon and eun hye arent together in real life… (tear..)

  11. love love

  12. i love joo ji hoon and yoon eun hye!!!!!they are the best couple!!!!!
    gong yoo and eun hye????they dont have the chemistry!!!!!

  13. i love goong very much, & hope ji hoon and eun hye become to the best couple!!! in they are personal!!!!!

  14. hi.. hello,ur very handsome, just like my crush in goldenstate college. His likes u very much, very romantic, simple, charismatic, gorgeous amd mysterious boys.

  15. whew…..ji hun your so handsome…………luv yah

  16. i hope both you wILL VISIT HERE IN THE PHILLIPINES

  17. I really like the movie, episode, story, and whatever you call it. I watch the palace movie how many times. But I still watch it until now. The two superstar
    Yoon Eun-Hye and Joo Ji Hoon are the two character I really admire. I was wondering if they like couples in real story. Because they do look good together like a match made in heaven, LOL…….I hope I didn’t offend anybody…..Joo Ji Hoon and Yoon Eun Hye well all I have to say is good luck in life is 2008 already and made the real story of the palace come true…………..with a lot of luv…..

  18. bagay tlga cla!!!…..



    . COME 2 INDONESIA PLEASE………!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. hai ..
    davEh gOong mANia tALaga aq0e!!

    i sWear!!

  21. Joo Ji Hoon is SOOOOOOO hot!!!!!
    Eun Hye is so cute!!!!

  22. love u……
    love u……
    love u……
    love u……

  23. i love u….ji hoon…..

    i hope we will meet soon

    i hope if i see u you were single

  24. oh ji hoon i love you very much.
    i hate men but i dont know why i think you are my first and last love.
    dont laughe.i love you and i cry every day for you
    becuse you are not mine.
    oh how i can live with out you


  26. I love them. I hope there will be part 2 of Goong. God Bless to both of you! 🙂

  27. i really love their team up to the extent that i want them to be real couple. i really love the way they act its very natural in that way i can say hey are really in love with each other LOL! i’m praying.

  28. yahh gRAVe ang gnda….
    joo ji hoon and yoon eun hae i like both of you…im so addicted with your telenovela hehehe promisssss
    hope i will see you then both of you one day at korea…i like janel coz she acts good in the movie unlike other actres they were so shy in acting…tnx hope youl be together in the future hehe joke…gud day

    p.s hope there will be again princes hours and youl be again the characters…

  29. in the nam of god hello Reply Im mahla Iam 17 years old I love joo ji hoon Iam ireanian I live in iran I hope to see joo ji hoon I love soal because it is very good and

  30. hi janelle alam mo fans kita at c giant sana may movie

  31. hi janelle fans ko kita at c giant sana

    may bago kayong movie


  33. Ilove you very mach I LOOOOOOOOOVEEEEEEEEEEE YOOOOOOOU please give me the email will not regret joji hoon

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